Best free newsletter plugins for WordPress

Free Newsletter plugin is a vital tool that is used in a variety of blogs and businesses to advance to the next level. We have the ability to send valuable information to their subscribers. Visitors to your website can subscribe to an email newsletter. Users who have subscribed can easily receive information about new products, promotional offers, coupon codes, and new articles. Email marketing is the most effective method of communicating with customers.

If your website is built with WordPress, it is very simple to integrate a newsletter. With a single click, you can send the newsletter to an unlimited number of subscribers. WordPress offers a variety of newsletter plugins for integrating a newsletter system into your website. You can easily manage your subscriber list, create campaigns, schedule campaigns, and send the newsletter to all of your subscribers.

Following is the free newsletter plugin:

1: The Newsletter Plugin

The newsletter plugin is the most advanced plugin in WordPress for email marketing. It handles all email automation, user subscriptions, and tracking notifications to the list building. We can easily create a subscription form and add to our website. We can create a list of unlimited subscribers. Send and track emails.

Active installation of this plugin is 300,000+. The overall rating of this plugin is 4.5. It will support 3.4 or higher versions of WordPress.

The following are the primary features:

  • Mobile Friendly: Provide a mobile-friendly sign-up form for your newsletter. All devices, including mobile, tablet, and laptop, display the newsletter form flawlessly.
  • Tracking: With a complete collection of statistics data, you can take control of your newsletters. This plugin covered all data of mail openings and total sent.
  • No limitations: It offers unrestricted access. You have complete freedom to send as many newsletters as you like. Your traffic will never be limited by this plugin.
  • Easy Integration: Using convenient content blocks, newsletters composer provides an easy and straightforward approach to design attractive layouts. Using a widget or a shortcode, you can quickly incorporate a form in the website.
  • Spam filtering: This plugin protects you from harmful information and emails.
  • API Support: In build Rest API support for developers.
  • Import/ Export: You can Import subscriber list from outside and send an email to everyone on it. You may also export the list of subscribers and use it for another purpose.
  • Easy configuration: Check the setting for mail sending with ease.
  • Unlimited themes: Give bespoke newsletter themes.

The official WordPress plugin website has a free Newsletter plugin available for download.
Download the Pro edition of Newsletter

The Newsletter plugin

2: MailPoet

MailPoet is used by over 300,000 websites to communicate with their subscribers. Everything is well located. MailPoet integrates effortlessly with your chosen content management system, allowing you to start sending emails right away. There’s no need to transfer files to third-party sites when everything you need is there in your WordPress dashboard. It offers thousands of responsive campaign templates. A newsletter form is simple to construct. You may schedule newsletters or send them immediately with a single click. The Premium plugin is free for small site owners with lists of 1,000 members or fewer.

Active installation of this plugin is 200,000+. The overall rating of this plugin is 4.5. It will support 5.3 or higher versions of WordPress.

Main Features

  • Subscriber connectivity: Keep your readers informed about your company’s news. Automatically greet new subscribers with a friendly welcome.
  • Automation: Subscribers will be notified automatically when new WordPress entries are published.
  • Inbuilt themes: You can promote new products and share your updates with your subscribers in no time with more than 50 pre-built template themes to select from. Organize and arrange material in whatever manner you want, add branding and go away with customized drag-and-drop sections! It’s also rather enjoyable to use, eh.
  • WOOCOMMERCE email customizer: With MailPoet’s WooCommerce email template customizer, you can incorporate your identity and make your key business notification emails stand out.
  • Insight: For audience engagement, it provides fantastic insight tools.
  • Themes: Provide an endless number of themes to send stunning emails and boost conversions.

The official WordPress plugin website has a free Newsletter plugin available for download.
Download the Pro version of MailPoet.

MailPoet WordPress plugin

Email Subscribers & Newsletters

Email Subscribers is a full-featured newsletter plugin that allows you to gather leads, send automated new blog post notification emails, design and send broadcasts, and manage everything in one location. This is a complete Subscription plugin made exclusively for a regular blogger, website owners, marketers and developers, taking into consideration all their needs and expectations. It enables you to create and maintain everything that you need in a single plugin. It helps you.

Active installation of this plugin is 100,000+. The overall rating of this plugin is 4.5. It will support 3.9 or higher versions of WordPress.

Main Features

  • Subscribers can be stored indefinitely.
  • Send an infinite number of broadcasts.
  • There are a limitless number of stunning templates available.
  • Spam protection.
  • Compatible with every SMTP plugin.
  • Subscriber lists may be imported and exported.
  • Display the state of an email as open or seen.
  • Easily incorporate a subscription box into your website by utilizing widgets, shortcodes, or PHP code.
  • When user subscribe, send an email notice to the administrator.

The official WordPress plugin website has a free Newsletter plugin available for download.
Download the Pro version of Email Subscribers.

Email Subscribers & Newsletters
Email Subscribers & Newsletters

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