Object Detection algorithms

Best Object Detection algorithm (Fast, Faster, RCNN, Yolo)

Object detection is a computer vision technique in which we identify the object and the location of that object in image or video. It is an important part of machine learning and deep learning. In object detection we will learn machine so it will identify the element of an image, like a human.

Image Thresholding in OpenCV

There are various type of thresholding. We will discuss one by one: Simple Thresholding If pixel value less then threshold value then it is assigned one value else we will assign another value. For thresholding we will use cv2.threshold function. In this function we will pass four parameters: 1: Source image: Source image should be …

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NumPy Math functions

Addition of NumPy array import numpy as np n1 = np.array([10, 20])n2 = np.array([30, 40]) np.sum([n1, n2])Output = 100 We can also add only column or row using axis parameter. np.sum([n1, n2], axis = 0)Output: array([30, 40]) np.sum([n1, n2], axis = 1)Output: array([30, 70]) How to calculate Mean of numPy array? import numpy as npn1 …

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Python Functions ( lambda function, map function, filter function)

Function is a block of code which performs specific task. How to call a function What is lambda function? Lambda function is anonymous function. No function name when we use lambda function. Lambda function has many argument but we can define only single expressions. To define a lambda function we will use lambda keyword. Lambda …

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Flow control statement in Python

If and else statement in Python If we need to add some conditional statement then we will use if, else conditions. Loops in Python While Loop While loop executes statement repeatedly until condition is true. For Loop For loop iterate our sequence. Sequence is a list, tuple, dictionary. For is the basic keyword like other …

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Data Structures in Python

In python their are four types of basic data structures Tuple Tuple is an ordered collection of elements enclosed within brackets. Tuples are immutable. List List is an ordered collection of elements enclosed within []. Lists are mutable. Dictionary Dictionary is an unordered collection of key-values pairs enclosed with {}. Dictionary is mutable. Set Set …

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How to convert image to text using OCR?

Yes, it is possible. We can extract text from images with the help of Tesseract OCR library. Let’s start how can we do this? Below code extract text from the above images: Output: “Word count writing mistakes plagiarism Check Now” Firstly we need to add Tesseract-OCR library in our system. Create a new Python file …

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