Wipro BuyBack News

Wipro offering buyback. You can check all detailed inforamtion here Date of Opening of the Buyback Offer Thursday, June 22, 2023 Date of Closing of the Buyback Offer Thursday, June 29, 2023 Last date and time for the receipt of completed Tender Forms and other specified documents including physical share certificates (as applicable) by the …

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What is data science

What is Data Science?

Use some scientific data skills to help us create decision-making data. We can apply various scientific skills to data, such as: Data visualization, data manipulation, statistical analysis, and machine learning are all aspects of data science. Data Science is the term used to describe the combination of all of these skills. Understanding of different techniques: …

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Need of data science

What is the need for Data Science?

What exactly is data? – It’s just a bunch of facts. Data is all around you. For instance, consider the following set of numbers: 2, 7, 0.54, and so on. We didn’t have a lot of data a few years ago. We only have data that is small in size, structured, and of a single format. However, today’s data is unstructured, comes in a variety of formats, and is massive in size. Data can be found in a variety of settings, including hospitals, …

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Best free newsletter plugins for WordPress

Free Newsletter plugin is a vital tool that is used in a variety of blogs and businesses to advance to the next level. We have the ability to send valuable information to their subscribers. Visitors to your website can subscribe to an email newsletter. Users who have subscribed can easily receive information about new products, promotional offers, coupon codes, and new articles. Email marketing is the most effective method of communicating with customers.

Object Detection algorithms

Best Object Detection algorithm (Fast, Faster, RCNN, Yolo)

Object detection is a computer vision technique in which we identify the object and the location of that object in image or video. It is an important part of machine learning and deep learning. In object detection we will learn machine so it will identify the element of an image, like a human.

Ecommerce framework or plugins

Best 5 Plugins or framework for creating e-commerce website in Php

OpenCart OpenCart is free and open source e-commerce platform. It is built in Php language. It is very easy to start and run. Opencart provide various free and paid themes and modules. Almost all known payment gateway and shipping methods integrated. It provides great way to get community support. You can download latest version from …

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